A video for all students of high heels and the delicate art of walking in and wearing them.  A video that will deepen your understanding of how a lovely tall girl elevates her posture by wearing heels.  At teh same time as learning you will find watching her to be a pleasurable experience to be enjoyed only here at this site in the fullest 4K resolution. The height of her heel and how thin and enticing it is, simply takes your breath away. She gives you a lovely viewing and then walks in front of you making her way along three pathways and of course you are impelled to follow her and in doing so become sated by the wonder of ladies stylish heels and your involuntary reaction to them. A lovely walk with much to enjoy as always. Don’t miss this one from one of your favourite and most popular girls.

Download Video : length    5m 05s :  File size 1gb


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