Her Glorious Heel


Glistening in the late evening sunlight our lovely girl’s high heel shines as by it’s height it draws you in ever closer to it.  As you worship and adore it you feel the rise that it gives her foot, shaping her lovely leg encased as you would expect in lovely smooth silky seamed hose.  Just by looking at her shoes you will learn about ladies heels. Your wonderment at the feeling she gets in her foot atop that lovely thin heel and astride that tight arch. Love her shoes as you love her for wearing them.  You are to meet her as she relaxes in the cafe. Then as she walks along the path your tension is heightened by the staccato tapping of her lovely thin heel.  Download Video : length 5m 13s : file size 743mb

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leggy lady wears lovely blue high heel shoesHer Glorious Heel