Her High Heeled Elegance


Enjoy your high heeled feelings this weekend in the company of a very attractive lady whose legs are constantly admired especially when she wears high heels. Here she does a twirl for you and then as it were, invites you to walk with her. In fact it is her shoes, her high heel shoes which give the invitation, the clack of her high stiletto, the swish of her nylons and of course her look, who is able to resist ?

Here we are giving you two videos in one download. the second is a viewing of her legs and her high heels. Those who have a ‘thing’ about ladies heels will note straightaway that her second pair are different form her first and it is not just about the shiny patent leather, it is the style which makes such a tempting match for her leg, her gorgeous sexy leg as she crosses and uncrosses. This is a very short video, too short on it’s own but too good to miss, so enjoy her lovely high heeled legs, you’ll be getting to know them very well on 4KHeels.

 Download Video : length 2m 52s :  File size 455mb

Download Video : length         51s :  File size 144mb


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Elegant High heeled beautyHer High Heeled Elegance