Looking at Her Heel


Some like to see a pretty girl in a tight skirt,  for others it’s legs encased in slinky hose but as we know, the greatest of these three is her heel, the height and shape of it and here at 4K Heels all three come together in a beautiful harmony of high heeled love. ‘I love heels and I’m never out of them’ she says as she stands before you in another sumptuous pair of high heel shoes. Note her thin heel, her tight arch and her low fronts. And of course she wears a tight skirt, restricting her movement, shortening her stride and accentuating her lovely leg. This video will re kindle that intimate love of ladies heels as you become swept up in her stilettic stride at the sensuous sound of her heel.  Download Video : length 3m 41s :  File size 486mb

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looking at her heelLooking at Her Heel