White High Heeled Innocence


Our lovely attractive high heeled girl invites you to come on a walk with her. As everyone who loves ladies heels will already know, it is her heels, her lovely shapely high stiletto heels that give you that hard to resist invitation.  It causes you to follow obediently as she walks ahead of you.

Having savoured, looked and loved her shoes it is now your personal pleasure to come with her, walking along the path, watching her steps carefully and as always hearing the delicate clack of her high heel. It is such a lovely sound, unique to the stiletto, a sound which announces that a high heeled woman is nearby. This is a lovely walk accompanied by a lovely lady, giving a sight, a sound and a sensation which is unique to 4KHeels.

Enjoy your feelings at her high heeled steps.    Download Video : length 3m 44s : File size 531mb

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white high heeled innocenceWhite High Heeled Innocence